Welcome to the website of Borbarátok (Friends of Wine) Restaurant!

As a way of introduction, let me tell you our story.

Once upon a time… would I start my tale, but it’s actually a true story. It happened in Badacsony, more precisely in Tomaj, sometime at the end of the 1900s that three good friends called Atika, Péter and Pista got a task to do.

At one of their places, a new cellar was built to serve as a wine bar and restaurant and they had to name the new establishment. They put their heads together, they had been racking their brains but could not come up with a solution. Their heads were buzzing, their throat went dry, so they needed a quick help. They actually found help in the coolness of the cellar. First, they were helped by the reserved Kéknyelű (a Furmint-like wine), then by the cheerful Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris), finally by the reliable Olaszrizling (Welshriesling).

Borbarátok Restaurant was born out of the union of good pals and excellent wines.

In 1988 the Nagy family laid the foundation stone of the wine restaurant on the ancient estate of the family. This property was brought by István Fata, our great-grandfather when he moved to Badacsonytomaj. As a descendant of an Italian family, he cherished the love and respect of land, vine and wine in his mind and body. According to the anectode of our father, he had to only look at his grand-children in the family, everybody knew what he was supposed to do. The love of people and hospitality is the legacy of our great-grandmother.

In 1989, we hosted our first guests in the intimate cellar of today’s restaurant. István, our father was in charge of good wine, our mother dealt with the cuisine and Miklós worked as a waiter. At that time István was still at school, Gergő was still preoccupied with playgrounds.

Since then, many things happened. Borbarátok (Friends of Wine) Pension was built. The restaurant was extended, an outdoor garden section was added. Our winery was developped. We also remodelled Hotel Neptun in Badacsony and "enlarged" our family as well. In 2011, we opened Hotel Bonvino Wine & Spa Resort where we managed to raise gastronomy and accomodation to a higher level.

Our goal is to improve constantly the quality of our accomodation, that’s a never-ending process, and to create a good workshop to increase Badacsony’s fame.

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